LivWell Dispensary (Blue Dream Flower)


Ah Blue Dream how I love you.... Blue Dream is nothing new in the Marijuana community, one of the strains that has been around since time began, and that you can find at most shops so lets dive in! This Blue Dream came from LivWell Broadway (432 S. Broadway, Denver, CO) at our last shopping trip, LivWell offers this flower on almost all of its different shelves ranging from $115.00/oz pre-packs when its available (Machine trimmed and rack cured), to this beauty which is their "Platinum" shelf (Top Shelf) which cost us $185/oz This stuff is glass cured, hand trimmed, and beautiful. The first thing you notice with Blue Dream is the smell, its so sweet and fruity that you cant help but try a gram ($11/gram so OZ is def. the best value) We took a nice close up shot to show you just how beautiful the development of this strain is. Grown indoors with cocoa fiber and cured to perfection we threw this in the Extreme Q vaporizer to get down to the it smokes. The immediate thing you notice when vaping is the great smell translates into great taste, you still get the nice fruity flavor and a very smooth inhale. We filled our lungs with this stuff and went back for more, the trichome development on this strain was crazy, it made for great vaping, solid hits that delivered, we hit this one bowl for close to 45 minutes before reloading. The high was typical sativa, although I felt relaxed and calm I was still aware of my surroundings and wasn't couch locked, another bowl and I could have very well been cleaning the house. The beautiful balance of Blue Dream to me is that although you get the sativa high you want it never comes with some of the pitfalls of sativa's mainly the paranoid feeling or raciness sometimes associated with high sativa strains. Blue Dream is nothing unique to LivWell you can find it all over the place what is unique is the price and quality. I have paid close to $300/oz for top shelf blue dream at various boutiques throughout town, and yet after trying this find myself disappointed that I paid so much at other stores, It had the same traits I love and as you can see from the picture left little to be desired as far as looks and trichome. LivWell for now is my Blue Dream destination and I look forward to trying some of the other strains I may have potentially over paid for in the past.