Strainwise Dispensary (Deep Purple Caviar)

Although not technically flower, and not technically concentrate caviar brings us the middle ground. Caviar is flower that has been dipped in hash oil and then rolled in keef. This particular batch came from Strainwise The Sanctuary (5110 Race St. Denver CO), the strain Deep Purple. The budtender acknowledged they the caviar is not made in house, however, it is Strainwise flower, they send it off to another company that adds the oil and keef. The pricing for a gram of caviar was reasonable $25/gram which is similar pricing to other shops for caviar. It looks like typical caviar see attached:



The dark color obviously coming from the hash and the abundance of keef make caviar in general hard to gauge, its hard to screw caviar up. The smell of this Deep Purple was amazing it was rich deep and smelt almost like chocolate. I chose to put the vape away for this one and load a bowl in the old bong, six chamber perc and some ice in the chamber I was ready to go, it was smooth, it was flavorful, and ultimately it failed to deliver. Perhaps I was expecting a high that would knock my socks off maybe I just got a bad batch, but I just didn't get the quality of high I was looking for. Perhaps even more disappointing was the experience itself, long wait times, average atmosphere, and a budtender that seemed desperate to go home let alone help out customers didn't help. Although the packaging appeared compliant (Colorado law states it has to leave in child proof, opaque packaging that also has a full ingredient list among other things labeled on the container) ultimately it was not compliant. No universal symbol for cannabis on the container or labels (state law) and not child proof packaging (state law) left me disappointed. Strainwise is one of the larger dispensary chains out there with multiple locations eight in total, and to sell to customers in non compliant packaging to me trumps product, at that point if you were to get pulled over its the customer who gets in trouble. Hopefully, in a follow up visit these concerns have been addressed because no matter how good the product is (in this case average caviar done out of house by a third party) its not worth getting ticketed for! And if we want the industry to survive dispensaries need to follow the rules.