StarBuds Dispensary (Northern Lights Flower)

We recently went into Starbuds (4690 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO) looking for something special! First off Starbuds also has multiple locations however they are under different names. A nice little location albeit small. The staff were friendly enough, and the product looked good! It was definitely pricey ($20.00/gram tax included $380.00/oz) so we decided to just get a gram to try. They had a fairly small selection but something caught my eye... NORTHERN LIGHTS! A classic strain that I have yet to try out of a dispensary. The buds all looked small as you can see from the picture, and it was no different inside the jar all rather small, but you know what they say? Good things come in small packages! So we grabbed a gram and waited for the budtender to weigh us out. Firstly lets touch base on compliance, as you all know I hate shops that fail to deliver on compliance, it puts the whole industry we have worked so hard to build at risk. The packaging was opaque however, as we have seen with other shops did not have a child proof lid. The labels did have the universal symbol for marijuana, and the appropriate disclaimers and licence information, yet failed miserably on the ingredients list, which should be a full break down of everything that went into getting the plant from seed to sale. For example listing: Calcium, Nitrate, Copper sulfate, iron sulfate, manganese sulfate, potassium nitrate, phosphoric acid.... etc... etc... etc... Starbuds label was surprising non descriptive when it came to ingredients, which concerns me for two reasons 1. they aren't disclosing what I am consuming, and 2. its against state law...


No Child proof Lid:


Failed list of ingredients:


These points aside lets get back to the flower itself. The buds were small and smelled better in the jar, once we got them back and actually smelled isolated buds the smell was gone, it was like hay. Disappointed we got out the grinder and got ready to throw it in the vape, once the product had been broken up the smell did return a bit, but not to the extent that motivated us to buy it in the first place. They were a little loose as far as bud structure goes and had some excess leaf, however, the stems were cut nicely showing us that at least it was a hand trim and not twister trimmed. Trichome coverage was moderate, not the frosty high times bud you always see, but not ditch weed either. Once it was in the vape was when this bud truly shined, it was aromatic and had a nice creeping high to it. The taste never really developed but overall that was balanced out with an exceptionally smooth high. In all Starbuds has some good and some bad as every shop does, compliance aside their flower is so so for the price I think you can find better around Denver.