LivWell Dispensary (Purple Diesel Flower)

First, you just have to admit how pretty this flower is, Purple Diesel, fantastic trichome coverage, beautiful hairs, and a deep rich purple color, we were practically drooling when they opened the jar, so excuse us if this review has a more photos then others! This Purple Diesel came from LivWell's Platinum shelf ($11/gram to $185/oz) which means its hand trimmed, hung dried, glass cured, and overall a beautiful flower. Lately LivWell's top shelf has gone through some up's and down's but when this came to the shelf we had to pick some up, and thankfully we were not disappointed.



Would you pass that up? After the looks the next step, the smell. This strain had quite the aroma to it, definitely had the diesel smell you would expect. and it just got stronger as you packed it into the bowl.



The high was awesome, for a Sativa dominant Hybrid we were skeptical normally favoring Indica and Indica Hybrids unless we have a sweet tooth, but this strain did not disappoiont. It was a relaxing sativa that provided a nice mellow high while still being able to function and complete tasks, a great morning strain for sure. This sativa definitely did not have the sometimes all too common head rush and anxiety/paranoia that some sativas can do.



Overall I would recommend this strain on the platinum shelf if you see it pick it up, I can't speak to the lower tier purple diesel that could show up on LivWell's mid to bottom shelf but I am sure if it looks half as good as this then you can confidently grab an 1/8th.