Starbuds Dispensary (Orange Kush Flower)

Now if you have read the dispensary review on Starbuds you most likely know we were not impressed, so with the flower we picked up we were cautiously optimistic. First the bad (More suspense that way), the bud structure. These buds were leafy, and loose, as you will see from the pics we had to search to find the money shot shown above. Now the good, the smell, flavor, and high, which ultimately is all that matters depending on who you are. 


This was some aromatic marijuana, lovely soft notes of orange that were just as palpable in the store as when you got them home. It was light, citrus, crisp and overall extremely pleasant, once you actually packed a bowl the smell only got stronger. The best part? That smell carried on to the flower, the taste was almost exactly as it smelled. The bud hit clean, and wasn't harsh at all. The trichome structure on this bud wasn't bad either, although not the most loaded flower we have seen it definitely isn't lacking.