The Clinic Dispensary (Panama Punch Flower)


The Clinic is a well known dispensary chain in colorado, known not only for quality product and numerous cannabis cup wins but also a professional environment and we'll trained staff. The down side? Price. The marijuana is expensive, now we are no strangers to expensive marijuana, and good weed is worth every penny so we stopped in to get something special after visiting a few other shops and leaving disappointed. After smelling a few different strains we were excited to find the Panama Punch, it was exactly what we wanted, the buds looked dense and tight, the trim job was nice, and they were pretty good size buds with great trichome coverage. The smell of this strain is what attracted us to it to begin with (as well as the name) it was extremely sweet, almost tropical. So we decided to pick some up! This is where the tale gets a little annoying at least to us. First everything is pre packed so we ended up with a half eighth (1.75 grams)

the thing that frustrates us the most about pre-packing is the fact that what sold us on the strain the nice big beautiful buds suddenly became popcorn buds in a sealed package that you can't smell through maybe it's a personal thing.

After getting the strain home we were anxious to see what we really got, good news the smell was still there it was the aroma we smelled in the store,  bad news... The buds were not as tight, as well trimmed, or as trichome coated as the ones they were openly displaying. But it all goes in the same place anywhere so we got over it and loaded a bowl.

The high was good, not amazing enough to break records, but definitely solid, if your looking for something unique and particularly potent this strain is not for you, if your looking for a strain that does the job then this will do just fine. The reason? Taste! This stuff tasted bad, it was rough,  and for that reason alone it's hard to recommend, especially for the price you pay. It was a fishy taste, that just would not go away, it was so off putting that after the first bowl we decided to pack something else to get the taste out of our mouths. On the bright side they had compliant packaging, a clean environment, friendly staff, and a nice selection. I still recommend checking out the clinic if you want to try some unique strains, as for Panama punch it's a no go for us. But I'm sure they have some dank strains we just picked the wrong one.