LivWell Dispensary (El Diablo X Chem4 Wax)

Recently we ventured to LivWell Broadway (432 S. Broadway, Denver, CO) to check out some concentrate. What originally drew us in was the pricing, some of the cheapest wax around ($30.00/gram) for the quality. The wax we tried was El Diablo X Chem4 an Indica heavy concentrate that definitely delivered on potency (Tested over 90%). The Color of the wax was beautiful and the consistency was spot on, it was well purged and very smooth on the draw. It is BHO wax (Butane is the method of extraction) which can turn some people off, however, I was able to catch the manager for a minute to elaborate on what they exactly use. LivWell uses N-Butane which is a high grade medical/food grade Butane, this isn't your grandpa's zippo crap. Although this butane costs more its far superior and delivers a great consistency to the wax that to be honest I have yet to see with CO2 extraction. The only down side? Currently wax is the only form of concentrate they offer, no shatter or nectar, although anyone that knows anything about concentrate knows that fundamentally they are the exact same thing just a different consistency that could deter some buyers who are looking for a shatter to melt and dab. They had a great selection of wax when we were there (around 10 different kinds) and they were easy to view and well labeled. The budtender was more then happy to open each one up and let me get a closer look and smell. Overall its hard to not like the concentrate LivWell is selling, its done right, its well priced, and the atmosphere is awesome.