Strainwise: The Sanctuary (Medical Review)

I have to say I really do like the atmosphere of the store. It is great that they have clothing available to buy to show your love of the store! It was nice to see a binder with the strains that were possibly available to purchase. I only wish there were a few more strains to choose from. There was about 11 strains to choose from and only three of those were considered top shelf. I'm used to the standard extremely bubbly budtender but got someone who used to work on the grow side. The knowledge was there but not the outgoing personality to match. My two biggest complaints would be the small edible selection hiding in a small corner cabinet and the wait time. It is a relatively small shop when you get to the budroom so i'm not sure if a solution of adding more registers can be found but, help those budtenders out and keep the lines moving! I waited about 20 minutes in the waiting room and then got the o.k. to go back only to wait another 10 minutes in more chairs in the budroom. All of the flower smelled amazing but all the strains were small dense buds that were a little leafy with a slight variation in color. I like to only grab a gram or two when checking out a dispensary but found it hard to spend $20/gram even for top shelf when the trichomes just weren't as visible as what I've seen at other dispensaries. Although the packaging appears to be compliant with an opaque container the lid clearly says, "not child safe",on the inside. This location has potential to be one of the better shops around with a few changes but they are definitely not there yet. Overall I would give this location a 3.5 out of 5 based off of my experience.