Starbuds Dispensary (Medical Review)


This dispensary was in an interesting part of town. It's always nice to take a drive to the industrial side of Denver! I'm glad they at least had a parking lot even though, it could only hold about four cars. The atmosphere was friendly enough when I walked in. The waiting room was a little dirty and I was glad when I got called back immediately so I didn't have to debate with myself on whether the furniture was clean enough to sit in. The budtender was knowledgeable on the product but there really wasn't much of a selection to choose from. They did carry shatter but it was a little pricey. I wish this dispensary actually took advantage of weedmaps and would put there menu on there. It's always nice to browse and see what type of selection a dispensary has and what they are charging. I was a little confused when I walked in and noticed that there was no clear shelving space to distinguish the medical product from the recreational product. The budtender reassured me that they were rearranging shelves so everything was temporarily scattered. When I finally chose a couple of strains I thought it was odd that a recreational customer could purchase marijuana out of the same jar that I could considering the fact that legally you cannot combine medical and recreational product. It was not a surprise that they didn't make there own caviar and concentrates in-house like most dispensaries. Even though there was only around ten strains to choose from the budtender was able to pick out three for me. I ended up picking up some Northernlights and Orange Kush. I was looking for an indica that day and was immediately drawn to the sweet smell. I was pleasantly surprised when it tasted as sweet as it smelled. It had a loose structure and was a little on the dry side. The price is right with $12/gram out the door if your just looking to pick up a couple of grams to try. Given the lack of variety I probably wouldn't go back unless I was on that side of town.