The Clinic on Colfax (Medical Review)

This is a lovely dispensary off of Colfax that is part of a chain of six locations all together. They do have one location that is doing medical and recreational sales located  You will walk in to a friendly receptionist and a warm and welcoming waiting room. I was very impressed at how well kept and clean the waiting room is and you can also check out the variety of vape pens that they sell while you are waiting. This Clinic location has two separate budrooms . I was led up the stairs to find two display cases filled with bud, concentrates, vape pens, and edibles.  I was blown away by their selection. I must have seen more than thirty little jars! After smelling about half of them I had my heart set on some Panama Punch. It was one of the sweetest smells I've ever experienced from a strain. The buds were big, dense and covered in trichomes. I was so impressed until the budtender handed me my 1/16 and I saw that what I was paying for and what was in the jar was very different. The buds that came in my prepackaged container were really small and looked like something you would get from the bottom of the jar on special. I've had strains that weren't much for looks but were epic when smoked and I've had stains that it almost broke my heart to throw in a grinder but lacked potency and taste. It sounds really cheesy but when it comes to marijuana you really can't judge a book by it's cover. So leaving all judgment behind I payed about $25 for this half eighth (1.75 grams) of middle shelf when I was in for another surprise. I then had to pay $1 for a childproof, opaque container. I understand the need to be compliant in this industry but if I was warned when I was checked in or even at the beginning of my interaction with my budtender I would have been more understanding about needing to bring my own bag. Maybe its petty and I shouldn't be upset over one dollar but its the principal of the matter! I was happy as could be with my choice of bud and even accepted the deceptiveness of what a patient is shown verses what a patient will actually get but, having to pay another dollar just to be able to leave when I know allot of other dispensaries don't push the cost of packaging onto their patients is a little irritating. The budtender at this dispensary could actually tell me how the strain was grown, whether it was hydro or soil this particular strain was soil and did a wonderful job of explaining their tiered system. My Panama Punch was coming off of the middle tier and they have a tier for their award winning strains which for a connoisseur is nice. All in all, the staff is wonderful, the strain selection is great but, I would like to be able to purchase the same quality as what is displayed in the jar. For more info on the strain itself and to see it in action check out our Clinic Panama Punch Flower review here: