Evergreen Apothecary (Medical Review)

 When entering this place for the first time plan on sitting down and filling out some paperwork. It's always good to read the fine print. Some dispensaries will sign patients up as members without their knowledge. No funny business here just general rules and common courtesies. The first staff member I talked to at the front desk was in a hurry to leave and passed me off to someone else. The waiting room was really small with only bar stools to sit on and packed with recreational customers waiting in a line. After she got my paperwork in I was allowed to go on up to the budroom that was up a set of stairs. I didn't notice handicap access but I could have easily looked passed it with how busy it was with excited recreational shoppers crowding the place. There was three registers for the recreational customers and only one register for medical patients but, there is a lot of dispensaries who are favoring recreational customers at this time. I was going to this dispensary looking for a particular strain, Agent Orange. My budtender informed me they did have the strain but this batch was not worth buying, not even worth purchasing a gram. They break there shelves up into three different tiers. It's nice when dispensaries can have different shelves for every patient's budget. I looked at the other top shelf strains but none of them seemed appealing. All of the top shelf strains had a similar smell, nothing stood out. All of the strains seemed to have the same look and color, hardly any differentiation.  When I asked if they could give me a call when a new batch of the strain I was looking for would come in he said he simply didn't have the staff and saw a high volume of people that come in and simply didn't have the time to give me a call. The edibles selection was not the best but, not the worst. I was impressed that they had strain specific 500mg cartridges! The budtender seemed knowledgeable but distracted when helping me. He could answer all my questions but was always working on something else at the same time. I really want to try this strain but was turned off by the customer service. Overall I would only go back if they had the one strain I wanted to try, but since they are too busy to give me a call I suppose that will never happen, a disappointing customer experience, and there are better places in town to go, give this place a pass and try somewhere else.