Sticky Buds Dispensary (Medical Review)

Walking into this older house located off of Colfax I wasn't sure what to expect. It was surprising how dark it is inside. The walls are painted a dark green. This is one place you won't have to worry about recreational lines since it is a medical only dispensary. The downside is they only had six strains to choose from and the budtender wasn't even sure how the bud was grown. The bud itself didn't look too impressive even with the budtender's top two strains he thought were the best but, both were nonexistent of trichomes. With a lack of enthusiasm and a lack of variety for bud I decided to pass and look at the edibles available. I will now appreciate the shops I frequent for just how much they have to offer whether, it be from the variety of bud, edibles or concentrates. There were only three edible companies to choose from! They had edibles from Tincturebelle, Beyond Mars, and Incredibles. I thought it was a little odd that they even had all of their edibles 50% off. The one thing that was impressive is that they make their concentrates in-house. They had wax, shatter, and butter available. With some new paint and training for the staff this place could be a great find for medical patients looking to avoid recreational customers but, until then this is one shop I would avoid! This industry is growing extremely fast and this is one dispensary that seems like it won't be able to grow and adapt with the rest of them.