LivWell White Mountain (Medical Review)

Recommended by a friend, I chose to try the White Mountain LivWell location in the north springs area. As a previous customer of LivWell, I have tried many of their products and seen a number of locations. Included on my shopping list was some flower, grams of wax, vape pen cartridges, and edibles. The location was easy to find and parking readily available. After having my ID and medical card checked in a small hall way, I entered the display room pictures above. The staff were very friendly and offered recommendations when asked. With the huge variety of items on my shopping list the White Mountain employees were very patient assisting me in my selection as other customers came, were helped, and left. One product offered at White Mountain, that I hadn't seen at a LivWell location before, was their $5 leaky cartridges. I'm almost hesitant to share this discovery given many of the supposedly defective cartridges retain 70% to 90% of the THC content at one fourth the price from what I could tell. To prove my excitement on this find I will admit I purchased ten of these cartridges. In addition to my 2.5 grams of pure, portable, vapable, THC, I also picked up a few THC Elixurs both regular and CBD concentrated, some El Diablo, Purple Diesel, and Zeta Sage wax, some full melt bars (100mg THC each), and a quad or quarter ounce of platinum shelf Purple Diesel. The El Diablo flower shown below is the second best grade product offered by LivWell, below connoisseur but above green and gold. 

Being an indica strain, the El Diablo has a very pleasant aroma. The very dense nugs were so tightly packed with trichomes I mistook it for a familiar sativa frosting. As great as the flower looked, we needed to destroy it with fire to get a better perspective of the valiue of flower's chemical makeup. Following many peer reviewed experiments and a number of hits from the bong the unanimous consensus proved I had picked up some dank bud. The quality and care in the handling and curing of the flower shown through with the delicious flavor and smooth relaxed body high. If is easy to tell by the naturally formed kief layer, that the grow staff expressed the utmost care in the handling of each trichome to insure each would be delivered to the ideally shaped dimple in my steamroller and other accessories. The nugglets were a little small but still selected from their peers in the same jar that I requested and matched the quality I anticipated after my initial in store sniff test. Like all thcScene users I'm certain, I preference large nugs over nugglets any day. Nug size is a rather useless complaint but I did have to find one negative aspect to share. 

When tasked with the testing of the concentrated wax product I chose to deploy my triple honeycomb rig named The Queen(formally Hive). I decided to focus the review on the the Purple Diesel strain of the wax as it does have my favorite flavor, though the El Diablo, Zeta Sage also showed a high quality and concentration. The dry wax itself has an terrific scent and solid yet slightly sticky element you might expect as my still warm wand cut through the buttery substance. Very smooth smoke and pleasant head rush revealed the pure quality of the concentrate, free from any noticeable contaminants or toxins. I was disappointed that the text on the labels easily came off, they are a challenge to read without light. 

The last product I want to mention came in liquid form. The THC and CBD Elixirs were a first time experience for me. Both were very delicious with citrus and orange flavoring. The brown bottles were filled with a sweet carbonated soda more delicious than any alcohol infused drink. The CBD infused soda wouldn't have been a good option for someone looking for a strong edible high but from a medical perspective the soda might be one of the best products available. Providing the cannabinoid chemicals and their anticancer healing benefit in a concentrated form without the couch locking affect of most cannabis forms. The 100mg THC soda with orange flavoring proved the same quality high as many other LivWell edible products. Drinking the whole 100mg worth was more than enough for me. In the future I would prefer to drink just half maybe and share the rest. Like I always recommend for someone's first time with a particular edible, if you don't know how it might affect you then take half as you will be able to eat the rest later if you still want to be higher. Overall great dispensary with great products. I am happy I went and will be returning soon for their cartridges and elixirs that can't be found at all other LvWell locations. Comment with questions about any of the products I tried from the White Mountain dispensary.