La Conte's Clone Bar & Dispensary (Medical & Recreational)


The first thing I noticed was that this place was easy to find and had a pretty big parking lot. When you walk into this dispensary the first thing you see is the many clones that are available for recreational customers and medical patients. Everyone who helped me was very knowledgeable and friendly. I just want to say that this was one dispensary that impressed me with their customer service. I went there to buy clones primarily. The clones are normally $15 but, for first time patients get clones for $10. They also offer a 30 day return on clones for whatever reason, no questions asked. The budtender was also kind enough to give me directions for the next 48 hours after I get the clones home. After I was happy with my selection of clones I decided to check out everything else this dispensary had to offer. I looked at the bud and I liked that they did have a shelf structure. The best quality is the private reserve and starts at $180/oz, the top shelf starts at $150/oz, the middle shelf $130/oz, and the bottom shelf, that looked like all shake, starts at $99/oz. I purchased a gram off the private reserve shelf but, it wasn't a tough choice since there was only two strains to choose from. I ended up going with a gram of white widow. The bud itself wasn't to impressive with hardly any trichomes since it was coming from the private reserve shelf that was a little concerning. They do carry the O-pen with a large variety of different types of cartridges. They have strain specific or non strain specific cartridges in 250mg and only strain specific in 500mg dosages. If you keep your receipt they will replace the atomizer after one year free of charge.Their selection of edibles was average. They do offer a variety of concentrates that include: wax, shatter, and budder. Most dispensaries that I've gone to all over Colorado have their concentrates tested unfortunately this one does not.  For medical patients who are interested in signing over their plants you receive a $50 in-store credit along with a different special for every day of the week. If you sign over your plants then they also pay for the doctor's visit when it comes time to renew.  If the bud quality was better I would consider signing over but, I've gone to many places where what I smoked would have been considered bottom shelf. This is a wonderful place to go for clones with amazing customer service but, the bud quality isn't there.