Evergreen Apothecary (Medical Review)

 When entering this place for the first time plan on sitting down and filling out some paperwork. It's always good to read the fine print. Some dispensaries will sign patients up as members without their knowledge. No funny business here just general rules and common courtesies. The first staff member I talked to at the front desk was in a hurry to leave and passed me off to someone else. The waiting room was really small with only bar stools to sit on and packed with recreational customers waiting in a line. After she got my paperwork in I was allowed to go on up to the budroom that was up a set of stairs. I didn't notice handicap access but I could have easily looked passed it with how busy it was with excited recreational shoppers crowding the place. There was three registers for the recreational customers and only one register for medical patients but, there is a lot of dispensaries who are favoring recreational customers at this time. I was going to this dispensary looking for a particular strain, Agent Orange. My budtender informed me they did have the strain but this batch was not worth buying, not even worth purchasing a gram. They break there shelves up into three different tiers. It's nice when dispensaries can have different shelves for every patient's budget. I looked at the other top shelf strains but none of them seemed appealing. All of the top shelf strains had a similar smell, nothing stood out. All of the strains seemed to have the same look and color, hardly any differentiation.  When I asked if they could give me a call when a new batch of the strain I was looking for would come in he said he simply didn't have the staff and saw a high volume of people that come in and simply didn't have the time to give me a call. The edibles selection was not the best but, not the worst. I was impressed that they had strain specific 500mg cartridges! The budtender seemed knowledgeable but distracted when helping me. He could answer all my questions but was always working on something else at the same time. I really want to try this strain but was turned off by the customer service. Overall I would only go back if they had the one strain I wanted to try, but since they are too busy to give me a call I suppose that will never happen, a disappointing customer experience, and there are better places in town to go, give this place a pass and try somewhere else. 


The Clinic on Colfax (Medical Review)

This is a lovely dispensary off of Colfax that is part of a chain of six locations all together. They do have one location that is doing medical and recreational sales located  You will walk in to a friendly receptionist and a warm and welcoming waiting room. I was very impressed at how well kept and clean the waiting room is and you can also check out the variety of vape pens that they sell while you are waiting. This Clinic location has two separate budrooms . I was led up the stairs to find two display cases filled with bud, concentrates, vape pens, and edibles.  I was blown away by their selection. I must have seen more than thirty little jars! After smelling about half of them I had my heart set on some Panama Punch. It was one of the sweetest smells I've ever experienced from a strain. The buds were big, dense and covered in trichomes. I was so impressed until the budtender handed me my 1/16 and I saw that what I was paying for and what was in the jar was very different. The buds that came in my prepackaged container were really small and looked like something you would get from the bottom of the jar on special. I've had strains that weren't much for looks but were epic when smoked and I've had stains that it almost broke my heart to throw in a grinder but lacked potency and taste. It sounds really cheesy but when it comes to marijuana you really can't judge a book by it's cover. So leaving all judgment behind I payed about $25 for this half eighth (1.75 grams) of middle shelf when I was in for another surprise. I then had to pay $1 for a childproof, opaque container. I understand the need to be compliant in this industry but if I was warned when I was checked in or even at the beginning of my interaction with my budtender I would have been more understanding about needing to bring my own bag. Maybe its petty and I shouldn't be upset over one dollar but its the principal of the matter! I was happy as could be with my choice of bud and even accepted the deceptiveness of what a patient is shown verses what a patient will actually get but, having to pay another dollar just to be able to leave when I know allot of other dispensaries don't push the cost of packaging onto their patients is a little irritating. The budtender at this dispensary could actually tell me how the strain was grown, whether it was hydro or soil this particular strain was soil and did a wonderful job of explaining their tiered system. My Panama Punch was coming off of the middle tier and they have a tier for their award winning strains which for a connoisseur is nice. All in all, the staff is wonderful, the strain selection is great but, I would like to be able to purchase the same quality as what is displayed in the jar. For more info on the strain itself and to see it in action check out our Clinic Panama Punch Flower review here:


Starbuds Dispensary (Medical Review)


This dispensary was in an interesting part of town. It's always nice to take a drive to the industrial side of Denver! I'm glad they at least had a parking lot even though, it could only hold about four cars. The atmosphere was friendly enough when I walked in. The waiting room was a little dirty and I was glad when I got called back immediately so I didn't have to debate with myself on whether the furniture was clean enough to sit in. The budtender was knowledgeable on the product but there really wasn't much of a selection to choose from. They did carry shatter but it was a little pricey. I wish this dispensary actually took advantage of weedmaps and would put there menu on there. It's always nice to browse and see what type of selection a dispensary has and what they are charging. I was a little confused when I walked in and noticed that there was no clear shelving space to distinguish the medical product from the recreational product. The budtender reassured me that they were rearranging shelves so everything was temporarily scattered. When I finally chose a couple of strains I thought it was odd that a recreational customer could purchase marijuana out of the same jar that I could considering the fact that legally you cannot combine medical and recreational product. It was not a surprise that they didn't make there own caviar and concentrates in-house like most dispensaries. Even though there was only around ten strains to choose from the budtender was able to pick out three for me. I ended up picking up some Northernlights and Orange Kush. I was looking for an indica that day and was immediately drawn to the sweet smell. I was pleasantly surprised when it tasted as sweet as it smelled. It had a loose structure and was a little on the dry side. The price is right with $12/gram out the door if your just looking to pick up a couple of grams to try. Given the lack of variety I probably wouldn't go back unless I was on that side of town. 

Strainwise: The Sanctuary (Medical Review)

I have to say I really do like the atmosphere of the store. It is great that they have clothing available to buy to show your love of the store! It was nice to see a binder with the strains that were possibly available to purchase. I only wish there were a few more strains to choose from. There was about 11 strains to choose from and only three of those were considered top shelf. I'm used to the standard extremely bubbly budtender but got someone who used to work on the grow side. The knowledge was there but not the outgoing personality to match. My two biggest complaints would be the small edible selection hiding in a small corner cabinet and the wait time. It is a relatively small shop when you get to the budroom so i'm not sure if a solution of adding more registers can be found but, help those budtenders out and keep the lines moving! I waited about 20 minutes in the waiting room and then got the o.k. to go back only to wait another 10 minutes in more chairs in the budroom. All of the flower smelled amazing but all the strains were small dense buds that were a little leafy with a slight variation in color. I like to only grab a gram or two when checking out a dispensary but found it hard to spend $20/gram even for top shelf when the trichomes just weren't as visible as what I've seen at other dispensaries. Although the packaging appears to be compliant with an opaque container the lid clearly says, "not child safe",on the inside. This location has potential to be one of the better shops around with a few changes but they are definitely not there yet. Overall I would give this location a 3.5 out of 5 based off of my experience.