Full Melt Chocolate Bars (100mg)

 Where to begin with these chocolate bars.... They are created using organic fair trade couverture chocolate, This means they have a high percent of cocoa butter which gives the bar that glossy look and firm snap when you break them, as well as a smooth and rich chocolate taste. They currently are available in six different flavors with more on the way and are crafted in small batches which ensures the quality and consistency are maintained. These bars are made with refined hash oil comprised of 99.9% activated THC. The flavors themselves range from: White chocolate strawberry waffle cone, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, toffee pecan, peanut butter graham cracker, chili and sea salt, and dark chocolate popcorn (it also has pop rocks in it). Each bar is 100(mg) and scored into ten squares, each square contains 10(mg) which makes dossing particularly easy. The taste of these bars is really what sets them apart, yes there is still the hash taste of an edible but the chocolate does a nice job of complimenting that flavor without overpowering it one way or the other. This reminds you that in fact you are eating an edible (These things taste so good I would forget without the hash aftertaste) and not a regular chocolate bar. These bars are so different then others on the market, they are not overpoweringly sweet like I often find incredibars and they are not huge like incredibars even though they contain the same 100(mg) THC dose, although the quality of oil and chocolate is definitely different. So far the white chocolate mixed with strawberry mixed with crushed up waffle cone is my favorite, and with a combination like that who wouldn't like it? These are not your typical marijuana edible, these truly are the connoisseur of edibles. The pricing ranges depending on the store you go to and if you have membership perks at those stores the lowest price I have heard of is LivWell's chain of shops, they start at $10.00 and if you are a member go down to $8.00, the most expensive I have heard of is $30.00 which seems to be the going rate in the mountains. To check out where you can currently find Full Melt bars check out their website at: http://www.fullmeltchocolate.com/