Mad Mints (30mg)

What is a Mad Mint? Mad Mints are a relatively new edible on the market, THC Scene saw an advertisement in the West Word for them and decided to hunt them down. The cost varies depending on which store you buy from obviously, for us we paid $5.00, They are 30mg of fully activated THC, scored into three sections that each have 10mg. MAD MINT stands for Medicated After Dinner Mint, and comes in two flavors, a standard peppermint, and a cherry mint chocolate, both are similar to Andes mints. Each mint contains high grade dark and white chocolate and 99.9% activated THC. Both flavors were good, not overwhelming with the peppermint flavor, still the classic hash taste that comes with any edible but the mint provided a nice soothing and relaxing high. They are definitely not overpowering and not the strongest edible you will find on the market, take a look at Full Melt Chocolates if you want that bang for your buck, but none the less still a nice edible. The biggest issue with Mad Mints? The price. When you can get the same quality chocolate and at a 100mg dosage in a Full Melt bar for $10.00 why would you spend $5.00 for 30mg? So for 90mg of Mad Mint your going to pay $15.00 or for 100mg of Full Melt you will pay $10.00 both are high grade chocolate, both are scored in 10mg sections for easy dosing, and both are fully activated 99.9% THC. So although the taste is good the chocolate is good the price is just a little off, now as I said this does depend on which shop you purchase them from so if you find some that are priced right or have a buy one get one coupon which Mad Mint seems to run frequently in the West Word then you should pick one up, also if your just a fan of mint, which currently is not offered in the Full Melt product line. For a list of all locations currently stocking Mad Mints check out their site at