Palm 2.0 Handheld Vaporizer

I want to like the Palm 2.0 I really do but I just can't right now. Firstly the batteries take a long time to charge, you have to make sure you use the lithium-ion batteries that come with the unit don't just put a double A in the chamber. Once you have charged the battery you put it into the unit and press it down to start heating your bud, then supposedly that's it sit back relax and enjoy. The issue? I have only been able to get the Palm 2.0 to effectively vape herb once, all the other times it has been a slow drawn out process that was more trouble then it was worth and wasted more herb then it should have. Supposedly this thing can also vape concentrates but I have not been convinced enough to waste any in the unit. Easy to clean with removable screens really easy set up, this thing looks like it would be a million bucks, but its not. My first unit was missing one of the rechargeable batteries that its supposed to come with, luckily I had bought two so I could use the other ones, I do have a ticket out to the customer support to see if they will send me the original battery I am owed, Ill give you an update when I get an answer. Overall perhaps its user error, perhaps I am too spoiled with my table top vape and have too high of expectations for a handheld, but to me this Palm 2.0 is in the awkward middle of the road. Its not good enough to replace my table top, and not practical enough to replace a good old fashioned vaporizer pen and cartridge combo, maybe down the line things will change but for now its a pass.






Mary's Medicinals Transdermal Patch (20mg)


Mary's Medicinals is a great producer of cannabis products. We got to meet the team at the 2014 Colorado Cannabis Cup and we liked what we saw. Firstly I was under the notion that they were part of River Rock dispensaries, which it turns out they are not, they just processed a lot of trim from them and put River Rocks name on the packaging. The transdermal patch truly is an innovative product, it comes in varying doses the one we tried was a 20mg THC - Sativa patch. But not only do they vary in potency they vary Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid and they also come in a variety of combinations of THC/THCa/CBD/etc... Which really allows someone with particular ailments to dial in on what will work best for them. This is no different then a stop smoking nicotine patch, you clean the area of skin you want to apply it to and then peel the patch and stick it on, talk about discreet! They range in price depending on what store you purchase from but one thing stays consistent and that's the quality, these guys really care about the product they produce and the benefits it can provide to various consumers. Keep an eye on Mary's and the innovative products they release, we doubt this is the last you will hear about them! 

Cranfords Cannabis Cigarettes (100mg)


Cranfords advertises itself as America's first Cannabis Cigarette, machine rolled and complete with filter if you didn't know what it was you would assume it was a normal smoke. I had the pleasure of meeting these guys at the 2014 Colorado Cannabis Cup, where they were promoting the brand and handing out free samples which included a tin, book of matches, one of the high THC Blend cigarettes (You know we love that THC), and an info card. I was excited and a few buddies and myself decided to light one up and give it a try. The first thing that you notice is that it tastes very similar to a cigarette, which was a pretty big disappointment, between the filter and the papers they use you couldn't really taste any part of the herb. They advertise that each cigarette contains 100(mg) of product in this case THC apparently a cross of Scott's OG and Larry OG. I will admit that although the flavor was off putting the high was there. It packed a punch, a punch that very few joints or blunts have delivered. All things considered that these are mass produced, machine rolled cannabis cigarettes I can't complain. The pricing seems fair they sell for around $60.00 a tin which isn't bad considering there is a quarter of an oz of total flower in each case. they wholesale for around $30.00 a tin so a healthy margin for any shop that wants to pick them up. And yes you can buy just the tin it goes for $10.00. Overall worth a shot, discreet because they look exactly like a cigarette, but if your looking for taste... stick to the blunt/joints!




Grn Vape "Green Vape" Disposable Vaporizer Pens (125mg)

Grn Vape or often as it is called "Green Vape" is a disposable E-Cigarette or E-Joint as some call it. It contains 125(mg) of THC, which makes it less potent then most other vaporizer cartridges, but what you lose in potency you make up for in value and portability. Although they are only 125(mg) they are also only $12.00 Which means you would pay $24.00 for 250(mg) which is actually cheaper then most 250(mg) traditional cartridges. The other big pro to these disposable vapes is just that.... THEY ARE DISPOSABLE! Which means no more worrying about if you charged your battery, no more worrying about losing your battery or breaking it when your friends start passing it around, and no substantial investment if your visiting Colorado. This allows you to smoke with relative discretion, less smoke, less smell, making it perfect for when you get back to your hotel room or out for a night at the bars. The Grn Vape also comes in a variety of strain specific options giving you choice to Indica or Sativa preferences. There are some cons however to these portable vaporizers, First the flavor is not great, but if you want full on flavor then pack a bowl load it into your favorite piece and enjoy, these are designed for on the go in a pinch smoking. Second, they can leak and they can be duds, this would concern me more if the store I purchased them from (LivWell Broadway 432 S. Broadway, Denver, CO) didn't offer a warranty on them, that's right you get a dud or it leaks just bring it back and they will replace it, so with that in mind I was put at ease. And Third you do have to take slower hits off of these Vapes a slow steady draw is better over a short puff which for some people can be a pain. Overall the Grn Vape has goods and bads:





Various Strains

No Charging/Button just inhale 


Taste of certain strains

Leak/Dud Units (Which if you get them from LivWell you don't have to worry about)

Slow draw speed


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