Grn Vape "Green Vape" Disposable Vaporizer Pens (125mg)

Grn Vape or often as it is called "Green Vape" is a disposable E-Cigarette or E-Joint as some call it. It contains 125(mg) of THC, which makes it less potent then most other vaporizer cartridges, but what you lose in potency you make up for in value and portability. Although they are only 125(mg) they are also only $12.00 Which means you would pay $24.00 for 250(mg) which is actually cheaper then most 250(mg) traditional cartridges. The other big pro to these disposable vapes is just that.... THEY ARE DISPOSABLE! Which means no more worrying about if you charged your battery, no more worrying about losing your battery or breaking it when your friends start passing it around, and no substantial investment if your visiting Colorado. This allows you to smoke with relative discretion, less smoke, less smell, making it perfect for when you get back to your hotel room or out for a night at the bars. The Grn Vape also comes in a variety of strain specific options giving you choice to Indica or Sativa preferences. There are some cons however to these portable vaporizers, First the flavor is not great, but if you want full on flavor then pack a bowl load it into your favorite piece and enjoy, these are designed for on the go in a pinch smoking. Second, they can leak and they can be duds, this would concern me more if the store I purchased them from (LivWell Broadway 432 S. Broadway, Denver, CO) didn't offer a warranty on them, that's right you get a dud or it leaks just bring it back and they will replace it, so with that in mind I was put at ease. And Third you do have to take slower hits off of these Vapes a slow steady draw is better over a short puff which for some people can be a pain. Overall the Grn Vape has goods and bads:





Various Strains

No Charging/Button just inhale 


Taste of certain strains

Leak/Dud Units (Which if you get them from LivWell you don't have to worry about)

Slow draw speed


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