Cranfords Cannabis Cigarettes (100mg)


Cranfords advertises itself as America's first Cannabis Cigarette, machine rolled and complete with filter if you didn't know what it was you would assume it was a normal smoke. I had the pleasure of meeting these guys at the 2014 Colorado Cannabis Cup, where they were promoting the brand and handing out free samples which included a tin, book of matches, one of the high THC Blend cigarettes (You know we love that THC), and an info card. I was excited and a few buddies and myself decided to light one up and give it a try. The first thing that you notice is that it tastes very similar to a cigarette, which was a pretty big disappointment, between the filter and the papers they use you couldn't really taste any part of the herb. They advertise that each cigarette contains 100(mg) of product in this case THC apparently a cross of Scott's OG and Larry OG. I will admit that although the flavor was off putting the high was there. It packed a punch, a punch that very few joints or blunts have delivered. All things considered that these are mass produced, machine rolled cannabis cigarettes I can't complain. The pricing seems fair they sell for around $60.00 a tin which isn't bad considering there is a quarter of an oz of total flower in each case. they wholesale for around $30.00 a tin so a healthy margin for any shop that wants to pick them up. And yes you can buy just the tin it goes for $10.00. Overall worth a shot, discreet because they look exactly like a cigarette, but if your looking for taste... stick to the blunt/joints!