Mary's Medicinals Transdermal Patch (20mg)


Mary's Medicinals is a great producer of cannabis products. We got to meet the team at the 2014 Colorado Cannabis Cup and we liked what we saw. Firstly I was under the notion that they were part of River Rock dispensaries, which it turns out they are not, they just processed a lot of trim from them and put River Rocks name on the packaging. The transdermal patch truly is an innovative product, it comes in varying doses the one we tried was a 20mg THC - Sativa patch. But not only do they vary in potency they vary Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid and they also come in a variety of combinations of THC/THCa/CBD/etc... Which really allows someone with particular ailments to dial in on what will work best for them. This is no different then a stop smoking nicotine patch, you clean the area of skin you want to apply it to and then peel the patch and stick it on, talk about discreet! They range in price depending on what store you purchase from but one thing stays consistent and that's the quality, these guys really care about the product they produce and the benefits it can provide to various consumers. Keep an eye on Mary's and the innovative products they release, we doubt this is the last you will hear about them!