Palm 2.0 Handheld Vaporizer

I want to like the Palm 2.0 I really do but I just can't right now. Firstly the batteries take a long time to charge, you have to make sure you use the lithium-ion batteries that come with the unit don't just put a double A in the chamber. Once you have charged the battery you put it into the unit and press it down to start heating your bud, then supposedly that's it sit back relax and enjoy. The issue? I have only been able to get the Palm 2.0 to effectively vape herb once, all the other times it has been a slow drawn out process that was more trouble then it was worth and wasted more herb then it should have. Supposedly this thing can also vape concentrates but I have not been convinced enough to waste any in the unit. Easy to clean with removable screens really easy set up, this thing looks like it would be a million bucks, but its not. My first unit was missing one of the rechargeable batteries that its supposed to come with, luckily I had bought two so I could use the other ones, I do have a ticket out to the customer support to see if they will send me the original battery I am owed, Ill give you an update when I get an answer. Overall perhaps its user error, perhaps I am too spoiled with my table top vape and have too high of expectations for a handheld, but to me this Palm 2.0 is in the awkward middle of the road. Its not good enough to replace my table top, and not practical enough to replace a good old fashioned vaporizer pen and cartridge combo, maybe down the line things will change but for now its a pass.